ABOUT US-Driving School

At BALAJI MDTS, you can learn to drive proficiently. Learning to drive is one of life’s most rewarding experiences for anyone. As a result, it’s critical that you only take driving lessons from reputable driving schools if you want to learn how to drive properly and safely. Booking with a professional school is usually a wise investment because you gain confidence in your own driving abilities as well as a thorough understanding of traffic and road restrictions

Driving Lessons

BALAJI MDTS- School of Motoring has been delivering driving instruction to residents of Bangalore EAST and the surrounding region for over 20 years. Among the services we provide are:

  • Testing in the real world. Log book training and global conversions are both available.
  • All trainers have been approved by the police and hold an instructor licence.
  • We pick up 7 days a week from work, school, and home.
  • Students that are nervous are catered to.
  • For training purposes, vehicles are given.
Balaji MDTS Driving Instructors

BALAJI MDTS Driving Instructors will pick up the learner at the time and location agreed upon. Our BALAJI MDTS Driving Instructor will provide a brief introduction and display their instructor licence. They will also check the student’s licence. The lecturer will then go into how the student will obtain their licence.

  • For a period of six months, keep your learners permit.
  • 75 hours of driving experience on the road
  • Pass a practical driving test, often known as a (ON ROAD TRACK) test, or enrol in a driver’s education programme.
Instructor At BALAJI MDTS

Instructors at BALAJI MDTS will then check to see if the pupil has any prior driving experience and what level of knowledge of INDIAN road rules they have. After that, the student will be driven away to a peaceful location where the instructor will swap seats with the student. After that, he’ll begin the first lesson.

The driving teacher will prepare a lesson tailored to the student’s ability before each appointment. At BALAJI MDTS, the driving instructor will record the hours in the student’s log book at the end of each class. Then make a reservation for the following class.

Why Choose Us

Balaji Motor Driving Training School has instructed neighborhood motorists. Our driving school provides safe and competent instruction.

Expert Training

Our Professional teacher will show you the ropes and help you become a more compentent and secure driver

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Learning license

The training prepare students for the learning license test as well as other aspects of driving safely and proficiently on the road

Class room Training

You will be able to gain a better undertanding of the road conditions and Make better decisions when drving if you are fmailiar with road safety and Taffic signs.

Mechanical Training

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trainingdrivngschool and driving licence
Driving license

We simpify goverment driving license applications and renewals

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Tires & Wheel Balancing

Discover how your car's parts work togther. you'll also learn driving tips and simple repairs to become an expert driver

Balaji Driving School will be with you at every step of the course to guide you.

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