Here at Balaji Motor Driving Training School, we have been providing quality driver’s instruction to the local community for over 23 years. We’re proud to provide one of the best driving schools in the area, with courses designed to make you a safe, competent motorist.


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Two Wheeler Training

Four Wheeler Training

Mechanical Training

Class Room Training

What We Do-Motor Driving training School

Balaji Motor Driving Training School has instructed neighbourhood motorists. Our driving school provides safe and competent instruction.


Expert training

Our professional teachers will show you the ropes and help you become a more competent and secure driver.

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Learning license

The training prepares students for the learning license test as well as other aspects of driving safely and proficiently on the road.


Class room training

You will be able to gain a better understanding of the road conditions and make better decisions when driving if you are familiar with road safety and traffic signs.


Mechanical Training

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trainingdrivngschool and driving licence

Driving license

We simplify government driving license applications and renewals.

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Tires & Wheel Balancing​​

Discover how your car's parts work together. You'll also learn driving tips and simple repairs to become an expert driver.

How Does Our Training Work?

  • Our courses include both theory as well as on-road lessons.
  • Our experts train you on a 1 to 1 basis giving you a full one-hour lesson.
  • Be it a beginner or a person who wants to level-up your driving skills in the traffic-filled areas of Indiranagar; our instructors will offer the necessary training to help you become the best driver.
  • Our instructors will be with you while you sit behind the wheel during the class hours. Hence you do not have to panic if you are still a novice driver.
  • We make use of smart services in our training strategy to clearly understand and work on the areas of improvement.
  • balajidrivingschool a team of experts who can teach both primary and advanced training techniques within ten days.
  • You can save your money as well as time with our quick learning courses.

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